Hitt Electric's goal is to provide a safe and healthy workplace on all of our jobs with all of our employees. No exceptions.

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Safety in the Construction Industry

Safety in the Construction Industry covers fall protection, PPE, regulations and best practices.
  • Acosta testifies and he’s not terrible
    Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta testified last Thursday at a hearing before the full House Education and Workforce Committee, and although I take great pleasure in (deservedly) criticizing Trump administration appointees, he wasn’t terrible — as Trump appointees go. Now let me qualify a bit. I’m focusing only on workplace safety issues, not on any wage and hour, apprenticeship or other labor issues that were addressed during the hearing. Second, his performance varied from fairly decent (regarding enforcement issues) to pretty bad (regarding standard setting and staffing.) 
  • Dealing with cracks in concrete & more
    Engineers, consultants, company owners, concrete producers and contractors can learn about effective ways to manage cracks and mitigate shrinkage in a World of Concrete presentation entitled: Innovations in Concrete: Crack Reduction & 3D Printing of Construction Materials. Attendees will learn about the industrialization of the 3D printing process for construction materials and see case study project examples where shrinkage reducing / compensating admixtures were successfully utilized.
  • What you can learn in 90 minutes
    The hour-and-a-half long seminars held during World of Concrete are crash courses, in business, the basics of concrete (for entry level personnel) and in topics like engineering, masonry, residential construction, safety and risk management and technical updates.

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